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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we start with breaking news out of baltimore. good evening. i'm kelley swoop. a police involved shooting between 28th and 29th street. that left a teen wounded a dog dead. now it happened around 7:30. police responded to a reporting of a dog terrorizing a group of young people but a different story came out. >> what happened was the teens were harassing the dog, momentible types and when an officer came it saw the pit bull, attack the child. the officers shot the dog. >> reporter: the bullet passed through the dog and struck the 14 -year-old in the leg. the teen was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> i heard a loud motion explosion. i happened to be filming it and i jumped and apparently it was for them to go into the home.
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>> reporter: a home raided in connection with what authorities calling a cult like group. it's a story with twists and turning all the way from baltimore county to wisconsin. we have been on top of the story all day. it started this morning in the 3700 block of michelle way. we have team cover age starting at the police headquarters. >> reporter: it started the report of an aassault at that home in pikesville when police arrived they found an 18-year- old with serious injuries. police have a person of interest in the case but made no arrests. meanwhile disturbing questions have been raised that people near the home have been asking for a long time. for the past ten years neighbors say things didn't seem normal at the house at 3716 michelle way. >> in the summer we would see women with long skirts and
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things on their heads mowing the lawn. no one really lived in the house so to speak. no mail and the windows were covered. >> a lot of digs, lot of out of state plates from minnesota and we were alarmed. >> reporter: nothing prepared people for what they saw today. >> i saw two police cars here and the road was blocked off and i couldn't get through. i didn't know what was happening. >> reporter: what was happening was a police standoff in response to the assault case froms to night. around 11 officers fired a flash bang in though the home, manny got some video of it. police didn't find anyone inside the home. property records show a man aimed abram owns it, the founder of a religious group. he was not here at time of at assault but a person of
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interest was questioned. the group is based in wisconsin. neighbors say they hope they will find out what was going on there. >> we just never know and now i hope we find out. >> reporter: the woman injuried in the case is in serious but stable condition. police say they have a person of interest but have made no arrests in the investigation. we are live in baltimore county. >> thank you. now this is a story that started today in pikesville. one already strange enough. we are learning more about the man behind the source that authorities say is cult like. this part of the tale takes us to wisconsin to a small town where he and the group have been making headlines for years. roosevelt picks up the story. >> reporter: the group was apparently started back in the 60s. the main figure is this man. he is apparently the same man
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as the man who founded the disciples of the lord jesus christ in the 60s. for more than 20 years they held services in this town but after members of the group started leaving in 1990 he changed his name and the group's name changed as well. it started buying businesses and property in and around the area and wisconsin with purchases ranging from a gift shop and fudge store, gas station, a restaurant, hotel and even this. a racetrack that features car, motorcycle and go cart racing. at around 2006 the relationship between the town and organization started changing. officials took action against the group after many of their properties were empty and taxes weren't being paid. the city started proceedings to get back taxes and the group
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started putting out videos against the mayor. in 2008 a businessman said he was contacted by members of the group and wired more than 17 5,000 dollars. he was given a list of names to kill people including the mayor. an investigation resulted in no charges. around the same time the leader had his name changed changed and owns the house in pikesville where a woman as allegedly assaulted. police won't say if he is involved in the incident. >> there is more in march of 2009 the group filed for bankruptcy owing $13 million but a judge threw it out after the founder donated more than a half million dollars to a school. the city's lawsuits including liable of mate mayor and other officials moving forward.
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we will continue to follow the story online. you can log onto get the very latest on the raid and also more of the group's history. in baltimore county tonight a routine call for one person may have savored lives. fire crews were called to the retirement community around 5:00 for an injured person when they got there firefighters saw dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. two people were taken to the hospital with you are expected to be okay. dogs and cats from the hartford county humane society got an unexpected taste of freedom. shelter workers still cleaning up the damage. this woman allegedly broke into the facility after closing time saturday, setting free dozens of dogs and cats. the executive director said she had confronted her days earlier. >> she came in a week ago
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tuesday, came into the shelter and very distraught, upset, acting strange. just concerned we had all the animals locked up. she felt they didn't look happy. >> she is free free tonight. sudden death now for a downtown hot spot. espn zone will soon close for good. the walt disney company will close all zones not tied to a disney property. the one in the inner harbor was the first to open in the country 11 years ago. >> we still have some showers and even thunderstorms far north and west. all evening long it'll be all the action to the north. we had a few source early on. here is the radar shot at the present moment. we aren't looking to bad. just a few spotty showers in and around the area. as we expand the view and go to the north and towards the eastern sections as you make
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your way up into hartford you are dealing scattered showers and a good downpour along 95 as you head into delaware. we have more showers and storms develop agriculture long the cold front. that's out to the north and west and the lightning tracker starts to pop some of the lightning bolts. that will go into washington county and then into northern baltimore through the rest of the evening. temperatures across the area are into the 60s and the 70s at time but the real story is the dew point. a lot of instability. we can expect the isolated shower or storm for the rest of the night and there to tomorrow morning we will let you know how that will shape up. >> thank you. you can call it a sea of dreams. today keven costner testified about a device and he his brother spent years developing. a floating machine which they claim can separate oil from water on a large scale. >> it may seem unlikely that
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i'm the one bringing this technology at this moment in time but from where i'm sitting it's just as strange that the machines aren't already in place. >> there is still a dispute about how much oil bp is captures each day at the site of the under water rupture. we are hearing from the first time from the latest woman to accuse the steeler's quarterback of assault. the accuser's interview is among more than 50 audio and video recordings released today in georgia. >> i remember he -- i. >> reporter: the college student who accused the quarterback of assaulting her said she didn't try to fight him off because he appeared to have a temper. she said she couldn't stop him from having sex with her in the bathroom of the bar. the prosecution determined there wasn't enough evidence to warrant criminal charges. he was suspended for four games
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of the season. he is also being sued in nevada by a woman who said he assaulted her in the 2008. also no charges brought in that case. >> actions have consequences. today the iran government will face some of them. >> the un security council approves new sanctions against iran but they fall short of what what hoped. previous sanctions haven't deterred iran. a day of rescues in central texas. helicopter crews saved more than two dozen people from raging floodwaters. someplaces saw more than ten inches of rain overnight. no deaths reported. going to your doctor could feel more like booking a seat on a plane? it seems more are charges fees whenever possible. need your doctor to fill out a form or work or for our child?
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get ready to pay. tonight we are asking what's up? the mts rolls out video, shock value intended to save lives. >> look at the temperatures. 69 in the harbor. 75 down in dc. warm air and sticky air. what it all means for tomorrow's forecast coming up.
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. don't be a train wreck. that's the message from the maryland transit association in its new campaign to keep kids off train tracks.
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. >> they are reminding people to always be aware around train tracks. toyota leaders took to addressing concerns about the safety of recalled vehicles. they are trying to regain trust by talking about changes they are making. one is the use of smart teams. engineers who will let toyota respond quick tore reports of problems. >> we are really taking steps to be more responsive to the customers, things like the smart teams, things like the r and d budget. we are spending a million dollars an hour to test vehicles and put in the technologies. it's important to us to be have priorities on safety and listen to the customers. >> reporter: toyota has the long -- long had a star safety system, designed to help a void a crash. now they say they are the first
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to make the five point system standard on all united states vehicles. panic strikes a mom with young kids when the gas pedal of her chevy gets stuck sending the car racing at 95 miles an hourn. her call you can hear her crying pleading for help. >> [inaudible] please. o my god. [inaudible]o my god! i can't stop! o god please help. >> heart breaking. the vehicle sped down the interstate. police were finally able to stop it by blocking it and slowing down. nobody was hurt. red box goes blue to start offering blue ray discs. we are also asking what's up
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dock so you don't waste your money. >> good news for the growing number of blue ray fans in greater baltimore who find standard dvds don't do the trick. blue ray is coming to red box. red box is the number two movie rental source because of its locations in front of stores and those dollar a night rentals. red box has 17% of renters now have a blue ray player it'll rent them. they will cost 50% more. that's still cheaper than block buster. with the money you save on that you could pay your doctor. a doctor's group said doctors across the country are tacking on new fees for patients. they are adding fees for missed visits, some as high as $50, others charges a fee for asking your doctor to fill out work or athletic forms for school. others are adding yearly fees. most say it's to off set the
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rising cost of practicing medicine. some patients say it feels like the airline industry with a new charge for everything. all you can do is ask your doctor to maybe give you a break. >> in tonight's health alert women are putting a new twist on an old tradition to get in shape. they call -- it's a combination of dancing and exercise. work out may be sexy but the teacher wants to set one thing straight. >> it's not -- it's very tasteful. it's sexy but not vulgar. >> the women say it's a great way to stretch and also get in cardio. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar. >> didn't look like they were sweating much. >> talk about the weather. >> let's. >> you know we still have the showers and storms. guys in -- getting some showers. >> okay. >> then storms to the north and west. it's isolated, hit and miss. then we will get no a nice stretch of weather. we are done. we don't need three minutes of weather. we will show you not a bad looking shot. we said that doesn't look bad. it's a little muggy. we will start it out with the temperatures 69 degrees. temperatures have not moved huff since the 6:00 show. 90% humidity. still a lot of moisture and take you down to deer park elementary with a pair of 6's. from -- this afternoon's rain and much of the area about three tenth's, about a half inch. we got to 71 degrees at 6:00 this evening. the temperatures have been on the climb for much of the
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evening. 81 the normal. there is the split high and low. here is the radar shot. you notice much of the area is clear but you head up to the north. up in cecil county you are getting to the shower activities. north of charles town. right along 95 into delaware. you are getting a shower, at times moderate showers. we are even watching even more showers and storms starting to fire up from grandville right up in 20 say right around york and lancaster. that will slide along carol. northern baltimore. we will call it isolated at best for the northern zones. that will be mainly the northern zones. you can see the future radar trying to bring the showers into winchester. it'll be further north of the city limits. here is the number. there is the cold front over west virginia. that's responsible for the trigger in the atmosphere. 75dc. culpepper at 72, still mild
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air. the humidity is now starting to build. dew point measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. still a lot and that's continuing to go into the area. that southerly wind flow and the easterly wind. look ahead for the rest of the night a lot of clouds up and down the east coast. look at this cold front. it's not until this cold front starts to slice through the area that we get a nice warm southerly flow that. will allow for a lot of sun across the area. 79, mississippi, alabama 80. that will be tomorrow's forecast. good deal of 80s for much of the area. 65 degrees for the overnight. maybe a little fog out there. possible but then the wind starts to get busy into tomorrow. 86 degrees. northwesterly winds at ten do 15. if you are on the bay it could be an issue, maybe a chop. the water temperature not bad. 72 degrees with the northwesterly winds. forecast time, tomorrow we said
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it's okay. 87 degrees. sun, 82 on friday but the humidity comes back full force. 86 saturday, sunday little more includeds, better shot of a widespread severe situation possible. 86 and then heading in to next week into the 80s. >> it'll be warm tomorrow so you can enjoy the weather outside at the farmer's market. it kicks off tomorrow. it'll be open from 10:45 until 3. lue find lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. it'll also be open on saturday. you don't want to miss that. you know when you wish on a star you might just end up getting married. what some would call fate confirm bid this amazing photograph. don't miss this story.
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. press box sports report presented by mr. basement. >> this is stan the fan charles. the going to cleveland. the 21-year-old drew a standing room only crowd of 40,000 plus. he set annual time viewing record of 16 5,000 households. it appears jake will make his major league debut for the birds against new york this week. the rumors now it could happen tomorrow night verses the yankees or saturday against the metts. brian roberts is off again. doctors in florida have looked at his back and said not to participate in any on the field activities. the nfl -- the owner's pocket.
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league owners promised $4 billion even without a season in 2011. they will argue the dollars go no escrow. you can follow the orioles search for a manager online. çó
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. it's the magic kingdom. donna and adam met 13 years ago but didn't flow it went back further. when going through old photographs alex saw his dad pushing him in a stroller behind donna posing a disney character more than 30 years ago. at this time her family was in new york and his was in montreal. not only were they at disney at
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the same time you this they crossed at the same second the picture was taken. perhaps it's proof it's a small world after all. that's a great story. >> here is the deal. rain showers, thunderstorms north and west. it's a little bit a worry for carroll. far northern zones. all evening long. you see the radar shot there and coming over the mountains. the majority will dry up. we are going to get no some of those showers and storms and by the morning just a little fog. mixes up pretty quickly. a lot of sun. 87 for the daytime high. for friday, a bit cooler. 82 and then the humidity gets going again for the weekend. showers and storms and -- >> thank you. thank you for watching us tonight. we are back tomorrow at 5, 6 and 11. have a great evening. [ barbara ] i was the firstborn. my dad, he expected a boy --
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that's why my nickname's bobby. there's something really rewarding about raising animals that provide. this is a great life, and as you start contemplating having children and i want my kids to be raised the way i was raised. ♪ ♪


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